We focus on projects and locations where demand for green, mixed-use, mixed-income development outstrips supply and public policy favors affordable, eco-friendly projects that help residents achieve their aspirations.



Always provide our clients with an innovative, quality product that we would be equally proud of as the client. We’re dedicated to achieving our vision by creating an energetic, positive, results-driven work environment focused on investing and developing long-term relationships with the stakeholders.


Joining social purpose and creating sustainable projects aligned with the key demographic, market, and environmental trends. We consistently strive to develop collaborative partnerships, based on transparency and mutual trust, which serve to build enduring client relationships. As we expand, we’re committed to these principles, which have served our company and clients through the years.


Have Mutual Respect

Havre Fun-Stay Healthy


Think Out Of the Box​

Passion to Excellence​

Keep Learning​


PEC will progressively use methods of thinking as a way of appreciating and changing the land use and development systems, and keen-sighted overall structures, designs, and cycles first. Systems philosophy allows us to identify the causes, not just the symptoms of problems and how best to fix them, within the company and in the community where we work.


Nature undoubtedly influences our every thought and well-being. It affects our mood, depicts the beauty of rebirth, and enables us to live. We cannot evolve unless our lives are reconnected and in balance and harmony with nature. And that is why harmony between society and Mother Nature is the key to a healthy and livable future. After years of careful consideration and research, we have come to realize that the foundation of a well-organized urban environment revolves around an appreciation of nature, community, and coexistence. At PEC we believe in creating a world full of possibilities that we can pass on to the next generation without hindrance. With this great responsibility and unfettered by this ethical revelation, quality and design are paramount to what we stand for.

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Our Address

Corporate Office:

Borak Mehnur (Level 20), 51/B Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh

Site Office:
Nolpathor, Kanchan, Rupganj, Narayanganj, Bangladesh.