• Millennium Castle,
  • House # 47, Road # 27, Block # A, Banani, Dhaka

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Speciality Of The Project

Dhaka city acquired over 250 real estate companies but few of them offers thematic segregation’s for easy living and inclusive peaceful experience. Haphazard growth of in-numerous apartments and shopping malls over the past decades has transformed the once glorious city into a city of noise, poor accessibility, lack of open space and overgrowing population.

You may select your future housing from these companies but you need to sacrifice your health, serenity and peace from that life. Small apartment size, haphazard allocation of apartment buildings, improper layout, less selection alternative, lack of sanitation, hygiene and safety, disrupted power supply, authenticity of purchase etc are the major concern of today’s living in Dhaka. These are increasing day by day. Moreover, heavy traffic and intolerable jam-packed condition takes hours to reach even a 20 – minute destination.

However, housing at PURBACHAL EASTWOOD  CITY will assist you to lead your life in a heavenly way. Your home or institution here will be pollution-free, environmental friendly, spacious, chaos – free, secure and traffic jam free. You can find a relieved and healthy life from our project – we can assure it ! Now your dreamy future is our goal and we always will try to make your dream come true as soon as possible with your glorious assistance and togetherness.


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